The BUENO College Assistance Migrant Program, CAMP, is a scholarship program that recruits students with migrant, agricultural backgrounds. In collaboration with the University of Colorado, BUENO Center and Aims Community College, BUENO CAMP is committed to helping college freshmen in their pursuit of higher education.

See this year’s students reflect on their BUENO CAMP experience:

About the Scholarship

Students who qualify are eligible to recieve a scholarship that pays for tuition, fees and books their freshmen year at Aims Community College, Ft. Lupton Campus. Visit our about page for more information.

BUENO CAMP Students:

Our CAMPeros or CAMP scholars have qualified under OME eligibility requirements. All are college freshmen attending school full-time at Aims C.C., Ft. Lupton campus. Along with the tuition benefits, CAMPeros are all enrolled in the CAMP College Preporatory course, which aims to develop strong leardership and teambuilding skills while strengthening academic skills through a series of workshops and cultural field trips.

The 2015-16 Cohort Discuss Their BUENO CAMP Experience:

The 2014-15 Cohort Discuss Their BUENO CAMP Experience:

The 2013-14 Cohort Discuss Their BUENO CAMP Experience:

The 2012-13 CAMP Students Share Their Experience

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